a sparc of recognition...


ellipsis queen
hypothetical paragon
femme fatalist
neurotic girlfriend
queen of road food
wench of xanadu
housewife of the apocalypse
hot tub maven
perplexing paramour
transient failure
noxious chemical woman/(ob)noxious chem chick
instigator royale
nihilist of the apocalypse
fully operational death star
limiting reagent
jagged mirror
towel fairy
abandoned launderette
redheaded goddess of the laptop universe
mistress of invective
catastrophic catalyst
Warrior Queen of the RiceRocket Clan
St. Pretentia, patron of Chardonnay, snooty cafes, and Tango Analysis
high speed grappling wench
La Priapasa
larval god
terminator chick
storage whore
ether bunny
panda evangelist
dairy queen
psychic gf
hammer of subtlety
enabling accelerator
born from jets!!!
magic pork machine
force of music and beauty
ambassador of get real and get it done
a little touch of home to expatriate trailer trash


what else?




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